Why You Shouldn’t Get a Pre-made Logo for Your Business

If you’re just starting with building your first business, building a logo for your brand is probably one of those vital things you aren’t giving a lot of your attention to. It’s understandable, a logo is just a picture in the end, and you probably have more urgent tasks on your plate. However, choosing a premade logo for your business is one of the worst things you can do for your logo needs; I’ll explain to you why down below.

For better understanding, here is a precise definition to know and comprehend the premade logo!

What is a pre-made Logo?

Premade logos are designed for use with no specific company or business in mind; they are simply produced in mass and made available on online platforms for people to purchase or use if they find acceptable. They’re often available at low costs and can be used instantly, which is one of the big reasons for their appeal to some people, however, we are going to argue that the cost of using a premade logo is much greater than the small token fee you might pay to have the rights to use one. So, pre-made logos do not give you or your business exclusive rights, & that is alarming.

Compromised Quality

The Problem

Pre-made logos are typically very generic in appearance and don’t reflect and specific set of values or methodical design philosophy. That’s to be expected since they’re not produced with any specific company or goal in mind. As such, the quality of a premade logo is circumstantial at best. Maybe after browsing through a catalog of premade logos for a few hours, you could come across one that’s somehow just perfect, but the chances of a coincidence like that are extremely unrealistic.

Why You Should Care?

Again, you might question why the quality of your logo even matters? And to answer this question, I would recommend you have a read of this article here since it explains why in more depth. But, to quickly summarize, your logo is the first thing that any potential client sees, and if it’s of poor quality then any potential client is much less likely to be interested in your services.

The Consequences if You Don’t

If you opt for that poorly made premade logo, it will show consumers that in all likelihood, your business is one that just doesn’t put in all of the effort needed to be a great solution to their problems. Having this kind of the first impression is, naturally, quite disastrous and not something that you want.

Think of every single great brand or company that you know of; they all have very unique logo designs and appearances. No one ever confuses Apple for Samsung because of just how distinctive both brands are in appearance despite both being known chiefly for providing high-end smartphones.

Legal Issues

The Problem

Ownership of a premade logo can be a complex issue as different platforms operate with different legalities when it comes to providing premade logos. Some platforms with less than legal authority to provide this service may simply be stealing material from artists and selling it online to others. If you happen to be just such a person who unwittingly buys a stolen piece of art, it can cost a lot of money in legal fees to sort the issue out if the artist ever sees you using their work.

Why you Should Care

Another great issue with premade logos is their lack of uniqueness, we’ve already covered why that’s bad from a business perspective, but it’s even worse from a legal one. The fact that premade logos are so similar to each other means that they might be too similar to one another by legal definitions and in such a case, you could be accused of copyright infringement and plagiarism. Both of these will, very probably, cost you a lot of time and resources.

The Consequences if You Don’t

Copyright Infringement is a very serious charge, and if you find your company accused of it, it will land you into a whole nest of problems that you don’t want. Even if you manage to avoid all of the monetary and legal issues that come from being accused of copyright infringement, your company will still gain a negative reputation, and you may find it very difficult to repair your public standing. In the end, you could end up having spent more money on trying to avoid legal issues from using a pre-made logo than you would have had to spend to hire an expert logo designing agency to simply produce one for you, which would also come with all of the added practical benefits of having a unique logo.

Ultimately, pre-made logos may appear like an easy way to cut costs on logo designing and producing, but doing so can cost you a lot more than save. From making your brand seem generic to potentially landing you in a mesh of legal issues, it is just far safer and far better to hire a goof professional agency to provide you with the logo that your business deserves.