Things Your Visitors Want To See When They Land On Your Website

Website owners spend a lot of time and energy in learning Web Designing and SEO. Ignoring the visitors' perspective, i.e. what do they intend to see when they land on a certain website.

Disregarding visitors' longing might be proved to be risky and dangerous in some cases, for the websites. In order to learn the art of mastery on visitor's psyche, obvious knowledge of visitors' expectation from a website must be taken into account.

Following are the important aspects that must be considered to fulfil visitors' wants and needs:

Speed of Website

Voluntarily or involuntarily visitors check out the speed of the website they are surfing on. If a page is not loading in less than 8 seconds, there's a chance that the audience will leave your website in vexation. To deliver a better product is the job but rapid delivery is pivotal. There is a pond of websites and to stand out in such a saturated environment is crucial. Logochemist is a completely Professional Website Development Company which can help you build a smooth website.

What is the Website About?

The key information about the product you're selling or the services the web-page is providing must be clear and readily available without the burden of extended browsing. The audience prefers a clear answer rather than an unnecessary explanation.

Compulsive Content

Don't lose your visitor's attention. The content on your website must be absorbing and compulsive, keep it short, but make sure that it is creative. Once your website catches the attention of a visitor, the rest is easy. The more information a person acquires about your business, the more likely he is to buy from you.

Images and Videos

Graphics delights the audience. It is essential to add images or videos to your Website, either upload it with the content or make a whole separate gallery for it. But it is a prerequisite measure which enhances the overall look of your website and engages the audience.

Related Items

Suggesting related items is the key to selling more products. For example, if a visitor is looking for shoes, your website may suggest socks to him, this will increase the chances of your customer to buy not one but two or maybe more products from your store.


Better navigation system websites get elevated traffic. The questions here arise How To Engage Customers with a Perfect Website? Website owners can make their websites easily navigable by conserving the regularity in elements, defining categories and sub-categories and by setting down relevant call-to-action to guide visitors.

Keep it Relevant

Your web-page must be very relevant about the products being offered. Either your site is about health & fitness, nutrition, business, media or any topic relevancy is the key for good traffic. It also brings your website to a higher rank in search engines.

Organized Layout

Try to invest in good Website Development. People tend to judge others based on their appearance, especially the neatness and cleanliness. Same is implied for a website. No visitor would wish to witness clutter on a website, rather than that, simplicity and cleanliness would be preferred. Promoting the use of white-space in your website can provide it with an engaging and appealing look. The layout of your website must be pleasing and 100% understandable.


Interaction with the audience will build a friendly and trustworthy environment for your visitors. Add a chat box to your website's home page, in case your visitors need help with something. Although you have to make sure that your website is simple and easy to browse through, if a visitor still needs help, you must be there for them, and help them through the chat box feature.

Mobile Friendly Website

Today almost everyone surfs the internet through their mobile phones, mainly smartphones, hence they need everything else smart too. A desktop website, when opened in a mobile or tablet screen, does not function the same, the whole layout distorts and everything gets slower. If you really want your visitors to get engaged, develop a mobile-friendly website for their convenience.

Create Quizzes

Quizzes are almost irresistible. Another way of keeping your visitors engrossed is by adding quizzes and puzzles in your website.

But be attentive not to make it too long or boring, and you are good to go. This trick will boost your website's engagement.

Review Column

Nothing satisfies the audience about a website more than customer reviews. Develop an organized Website and add a review column to it. Ask your customers to rate your website or give a review. This will not only make your website more authentic and trustworthy but will also enhance your PR since more people will try your products depending on your reviews.