How much would a WordPress Website cost in 2021?

Introduction to WordPress Website Cost-The primary and genuine truth for building a website in 2021.

In this digital world era, everyone loves to have his website on Word Press because it gives you many features and the chance to move ahead, showing your talent to the entire world. New Blogger always desires to shift from Blogger to WordPress, but it has become costly to them. But, developing a website on WordPress is not free. You have to pay the price to enter the world of the internet. There are some apps you need to pay for them, and only then you would be able to make your site on WordPress.

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You Should Know.

But before you start this article, you should know that every business is different, as is every digital marketing agency. Digital marketing agencies usually specialize in one or two areas. And while many are “full-service,” they usually prefer specific projects.

What is WordPress?.

Do you people have thoughts to share? Or to start a business, or need to create any project? You can do it all using WordPress. Yes, Word Press can help you show your thoughts, ideas, and powers worldwide. It has become the most powerful and trendy in just the last few years. According to a study, it is declared that WordPress powers more than 38% of the internet.

Why Choose WordPress?

Now, you people might be wondering why to choose WordPress. Dear readers, WordPress is the top template-based platform where you can select a theme you wish for, customize it according to your will, and show your thoughts in the form of blogs all over the world. It is a versatile software used by millions of people to create e-commerce sites, social communities, blogs, and tons more. You can do wonders with your talent, and WordPress will help you do this.

Now the question is, how much does a WordPress Website cost?

A WordPress site's worth depends on the method pursued its creation, like work independently, hire freelancers, or use specialized agencies. Afterward, you need to create your WordPress theme, which also represents a cost that varies the price of your WordPress site. Although some free pieces exist on WordPress, they, generally, offer few functionalities and are not adequately flexible and sheltered for a WordPress showcase site.

If you want to keep your site's design easy, simple, and fascinating with your business's modified colors, you won't have to pay much. On the other hand, if you want to develop custom-made functionalities, you need to create a customer space, add the multi-language functions into WordPress, and pay much for this. But in these circumstances, it will be more beneficial to use a CMS specialized in e-commerce.

Approximate cost to Develop a WordPress Website.

The average cost for the WordPress website varies between:

  • If developed by a Freelance Designer: $100 to $180 per hour
  • If you hire a web agency: $5000 to $10,000
Apart from this, three more expenses must be taken into account. They are,

1. The Domain

The worth of a single domain usually starts from $11.08 or $11.98 per year. You will also find parts that cost up to $44.49 or more per year. It depends on your pocket and how much you can pay to get the right domain for your WordPress site.

2. The Hosting of the Page.

The hosting of the page tends to be around $5.50 per month. It is true that the more expensive your hosting is, the more successful and ranked your site will be. So try to get OK hosting for your site.

3. Web Maintenance.

If you make your mind up to hire this service from a skilled or professional agency, you have to pay $22.19/ month (depending on the web). As the essential thing in a WordPress website is how you manage your site. It also depends on your skills on how professional and skilled you are. If you can put in some extra efforts in your area and maintain it in the best possible way, you would get a lot of fruit from your site.

Extra Costs you need to get to enhance your Site.

Some extra costs will give you a successful business and make your site look better and eye-catching. They are:

  • Web Hosting
  • Domain Name
  • Design and Themes
  • Plugins (Extensions or Apps)
  • Ecommerce Features
  • Your Time.
Now, I'm going to walk you through each one category mentioned above, along with how much they will cost you.

1. Web Hosting.

(Worth of web hosting varies from $30 – $900).

If you want to run a WordPress website, first and foremost, you need to buy a good hosting plan. For that, you can go with shared hosting, and it will cost you around 150 per month, and it depends on the company from which you are buying. So, if you are talented to purchase hosting, it would be easy to install a WordPress website.

Note: the cheaper the hosting you select, the lower quality it will be.

Cheap hosting can cut corners and overcrowd servers to make a profit. It can severely impact the performance of your site. Whereas higher-cost hosting is more flexible and thus includes sophisticated and updated features. It ensures your site will stay online during traffic surges. Whatever you choose, my advice is to select an option that offers you the right price with flexible features and much-required support because, with website hosting, you can get what you pay for.

Some of the best WordPress Hosting Services.

A2 Hosting:

Their renewal cost goes from $8.99 to $24.99 per month.


WordPress Optimized Hosting: Renewal prices go from $39.99 to $129.99 per month.


Shared Hosting: $2.49 – $15 per month.


Their renewal cost goes from $13-$95 per month.


Their WordPress optimized hosting starts at $39.99 a month.


Their renewal cost goes from $29 to $ 49 per month.


Their renewal cost goes from $40 to $81 per month.

InMotion Hosting:

Their renewal cost goes from $29+ per month.


Their renewal cost goes from $9+ per month.


NameCheap runs at $8.88/year for .com and $12.98/year for . net domains during signup. Renewal fees at NameCheap are slightly higher, costing $10.98/year for a .com domain.


It's priced at $3.95 a month on the three-year plan, $5.95 on renewal, or $5.95 if you pay annually.


SiteGround has three shared hosting plans, which range from $6.99/month to $14.99/month. This price is only applicable to your first term, however, meaning once it's over (you can commit to a one, two, or three year term), you'll be charged full price. Regular pricing starts at $14.99/month.

WP Engine:

The Startup plan (1 site) is $25 / month including 25K visits, 10GB storage and 50GB bandwidth. Growth (10 sites) is $96 for 100K visits, 20GB storage and 200GB bandwidth. Scale (30 sites), is $272 for 400K visits, 50GB storage and 500GB bandwidth.

You can get hosting from the above-enlisted platforms, whatever suits you well. They charge you differently and will work accordingly.

2. Domain Name.

(Cost of getting a domain name ranges from $10 to $30). When you register your domain name, you have to purchase a site URL or address where users can visit and view your web pages' contents.
You can get a proper domain name from tons of different places, but my suggestion is for the two best platforms:

1. GoDaddy
2. Namecheap
These are two affordable options and will probably cost you from $10 to $30 every year.
Note: Whatever you do, never tend to use WordPress's free domain name option that seems like "" If you want people to take your business gravely, you should move to self-hosted WordPress and get your domain name.

3. Design and Themes.

(Cost of getting a design and theme for your website varies from $0 – $50,000).
There are massive designs and themes right available at WordPress you are looking for. Some of them are free, but some need to be purchased, and they cost up to $200. If you ask for my recommendation, free WordPress themes are great for beginners, as they don't have the necessary features for serious business owners.
Besides this, you can make changes to your selected theme later with plugins, so the primary key here is to find a piece that fits the overall feel you want your website to have. It depends on you whether you want your site to be simple, professional, or exciting. You can get a theme that gives your site that feels.

4. Plugins/Extensions.

Plugins or extensions can cost you from $426 – $1,587) WordPress Plugins are small bits of code that can be added to your website. Some plugins are free to use, but some are premium options running from $47 to $200. These charges can be one-time or returning. In particular, here's a list of plugins that you mostly need to consider implementing on your website. Look at them, what they do, and how much they worth.
Yoast Seo ($0 to $89):
Yoast allows you to enhance every single page on your website for different search engines.
Gravity Forms ($59):
Gravity Forms will create opt-in forms for providers like MailChimp, Slack, PayPal, Twilio, and much more.
Advanced Custom Fields ($0 to $100):
This plugin permits you to include extra customizations on different page fields.
MailChimp ($0 to $35 per month or higher):
Email marketing software will fastly and easily integrate with your WordPress website.
Bloom ($89 a year or $249 lifetime):
Bloom will let you influence sidebar forms, floating bars, exit-intent overlays, and other features that will enhance your website's renovation rate.
Sucuri ($199.99 to $499.99 per year):
Sucuri offers a much-demanded firewall defense for your WordPress website.
UpdraftPlus ($0 to $145 per year):
This plugin guarantees that you don't lose serious information due to a data failure.
ShareThis (Free):
ShareThis lets you put in share buttons to your WordPress pages so that visitors can effortlessly share your content on social media.
CSS Hero ($19 to $79 per year):
Do you want to make changes to your WordPress website without fixing around in CSS? This plugin will help you do that.
With the above-enlisted plugins, you will make your site a unique and successful one. They all will help you get a better experience.

Ecommerce features.

The worth of eCommerce features ranges from $450 – $1000. WordPress, by non-payment, doesn't have any eCommerce features built into it, but there are plenty of other remedies out there to get you up and to run. They are,
Woocommerce (Free of cost):
It is an all-in-one eCommerce solutions plugin which will help you boost your WordPress website.
Easy Digital Downloads (Free of cost):
It is an excellent solution for eCommerce stores that you are selling digital downloads and services.
Shopp (Free of cost):
With this plugin's help, you can run sales, add new products, update inventory, ship orders, and do much more.
Inventory Source ($50 to $175 per month):
It will incorporate directly with WooCommerce and will help keep all of your shipping information ordered and organized.
Stripe Payment Gateway ($89 a year):
It allows you to accept credit cards securely through stripe.
Software Licensing ($199 a year):
It tends to provide a complete license key generation, activation, and checking system.
AffiliateWP ($99 a year):
Many plugins and theme developers need a way to combine an affiliate marketing program into EDD. AffiliateWP is by far the best option for this.

Time available to you.

One of the best and huge factors you should consider is your time. How much is your time worth to you? It's not even discussed when you are launching a site, but it can be one of the most important things is thinking about. It will help if you manage your time for your site. It will help you maintain it in the right way and also earn you success. So, I would suggest that first plan your time, then take a next step.

What's the Final mark?

In a nutshell, you're going to spend around about $566 to $52,817 to develop a WordPress website in 2021. Keep in mind and the price depends on what you want your website to do? How fast you want it to run? How safe you want it to be? And how much traffic you want it to handle? In other words, the amount of money you spend will directly mirror how proficient your website is.


From the above discussion, we came to the point that you should only start your business from free apps offered at WordPress when you are a beginner. But with time, you will learn all the things, and then you should buy apps to enhance and color your site. Paying the cost of the website will always bring back some good to you. But make sure that you are intelligent enough to compete with others with your talent.
We wish you all the best in your future endeavors!