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8 Most Trending Logo Designs Of 2020

2020 is the year of transformation, and likewise, the world itself, many trends around the globe are changing in their own distinctive way. This year is also quite distinguished in terms of logo trends. The craft of logo designing is continually evolving.

A logo is a trademark of any brand or business that displays every aspect of it. There is a plethora of designs and techniques from which a logo can be prepared. Logo designs of the year 2020 are a mixture of old and new trends. As a Custom Logo Design Agency, LogoChemist is committed to present your envisioned designs.

There are few basic qualities that a logo must possess at its core. At first, a logo should be immediately recognizable. A Logo Design should be versatile. Plus, it must be able to personify your brand, and at last, a logo must be timeless. If a Logo of your choice meets all these requirements, you've got all you need. Every other thing is optional.

Here, we'll go through the 8 most trending and stylish logo designs of the year 2020 that our Professional Logo Designers have told us:

  • Strong Typography
  • Line Art
  • 3D Gradients
  • Color Overlay
  • Engraved Logos
  • Logotype/Custom Font
  • Grid-Based Logos
  • Animated Cartoon Logos

Strong Typography

Believe it or not, a type of logo tells a story about your business and plays a critical role in forming your brand's image. Typography is a logo designing skill that can be done by using fonts. In this type, font's choice is the primary element as it expresses your brand's personality.

Line Art

Line Art is an extraordinarily handy and timeless type. It is mostly just an image with straight or curved lines. This art is simple yet complex in its own way. Brands pick line art logos to be ahead of on-going trends and to feel fresh. This kind of logo is well suitable in black and white or in color. While selecting a font for your logo, it is necessary to measure the weight of lines in the drawing and in the text.

3D Gradients

A gradient is a smarter way of emerging colors into a spectrum that feels alive, bright, and energetic.
When blending with the 3D trend, it's a flawless fit for our today's world because it's all about "what's on the screen." 3D gradients are picture-perfect for screens but can be difficult to print, and that's how they are popular among the brands that have nothing to do with printing.

Color Overlay

Whether you are a lover of bold and bright hues or a fan of regular minimalist black n white, color is the most central aspect of any design, and you consume it, have a whole new impact on the design. A logo that comprises of a unique design and a color overlay is way better than any other. This type adds effect to the image of your brand and brings meaning to it.

Engraved Logos

Engraved Logos are classy as well as high class, and using such logos is a sign of absolute sophistication. These sorts of effects are a real hit for logo marks and logotypes. These are more appropriate for physical versions of a logo i-e on labels, cards, and other marketing materials. Engraved logos makes a viewer feel exclusive about your brand.

Logotype/Custom Font

It is a text-only design that does not need any image to represent your business or brand because it tells so much. Custom Font Logos are the foremost choice of business owners and designers. It never gets old or goes out of fashion. It comes with several variations, shapes, and styles.

Grid-Based Logos

These are the logo designs along with the grid system. Grid-based logos are used to get geometric excellence in logo designs. A grid system is very old school and has always been used in graphics and photographs or magazines etc. but using it in logo designs is a new thing in the digital world. It makes a logo look dynamic and ease the pressure of innovation.

Animated Cartoon Logos

They are associated with optimism, brightness, and positivity. Brands that decide to go for an animated logo often manage to win their targeted audience's hearts. They're Not only extremely popular but also entertai3ing.


A logo is a primary and most essential component for any brand or business. Whether you're considering a new brand logo or wanting to rebrand the old company, a logo design should be relevant, stable, and must not be dated after a year or two.
LogoChemist’s in-house team of Expert Logo Designers have the ability to elevate your goodwill by creating a brand-appropriate logo for you.