7 Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Social media is the platform that is being used not only for social interaction but also for publicizing a business or brand. It has become the most essential and vital platform for marketing in the world of business.

The source of social media is commendable as it reaches out to people within minutes after you post an advertisement. It also saves you from spending a plethora of money on marketing. Last, still not least, your targeted audience will be aware of your existence in the most convenient manner because people are addicted to such social media networks. LogoChemist is a Social Media Marketing Agency which possess such qualities and SMM services that over shadow all your worries regarding this issue.

While enjoying getting a lot of business through social media marketing, various people in the industry often commit minor mistakes but can severely influence your brand’s reputation.

Here, we will have a look at these mistakes that you need to get rid of at all costs.

  • Not Having a Plan
  • Considering All Platforms Same
  • Lack of Consistency
  • Purchasing Followers
  • Avoiding Diversity
  • Excessive Self – Promoting
  • Forget to Update Profile

Not Having a Plan

Having a potential social media marketing plan is like having a roadmap that directs you towards the right destination. If you are failing to realize its importance, you are missing out on something significant. Not having a marketing strategy on social media will eventually lead to severe consequences like bad effecting and losing out to rivals. So it is essential to have a proper marketing plan for social media as you got for other means of marketing.

Considering All Platforms Same

All Social Media Platforms are not the same. Every network has its own audience, type of content, and customs, and for your work to be prominent, you can get the difference between them. It must be assured that you don’t post the same content on every social network but according to its nature. It is imperative to know how to communicate with people on different networks.

Lack of Consistency

Marketing on Social Media is not only about putting your content out there but also maintaining a sophisticated program that must be followed consistently. Posting on social media every hour or leaving it without posting for months are both wrongs in one way or either. This entire schedule making and calendar updating process can take up some time and save several hours in the long run.

Purchasing Followers

It is getting frequent to buy followers on social media platforms to look exclusive, but it is not appropriate.

By doing this, you are not going to get your sales any higher. Fake is Fake; either you think this way or not, the reality will not change

Avoiding Diversity

Diversity is a critical component for engaging the audience. People like to involve in a variety of content that you decide to put out there. It can be graphics or images or even videos that compliment your brand is the life of your content.

“If your content is still, it will go stale,” posting the same stuff, again and again, is a sign as if you don’t care enough to protect your reputation as a brand.

Excessive Self – Promoting

Too much self-promotion is among the most common mistakes companies commit to social media. They make it all about their brand and its promotion. Companies worldwide are using social networks for marketing, so self-promoting is not a great idea to go.

But, you can be both influential yet subtle at the same time. Social media is all about communicating and socializing; use this skill, and let other people talk about you.

Forget to Update Profile

Not updating social media profiles while using it for marketing is a foolish thing to do. All you need to do is associate people with your brand through such platforms, and if they’re not feeling connected because of the lack of your attention towards your profile, then what is the real purpose?

Many companies rely on automation, but Social Media Marketing is beyond all this because it is about staying in touch with your audience.


By restraining the social media marketing mistakes mentioned above at an early stage, you can keep flourishing your brand over social media and increase your sales.